Levucell SC - Sara the Elephant Campaign Extension

It's the Answer to the Elephant in the Rumen

Messages from Sara the Elephant (Mp3)

Project Description

What’s the answer to the Elephant in the Rumen? It’s Sub-Acute Ruminal Acidosis (or, SARA), and it’s present in nearly every dairy herd. The Sara The Elephant Campaign is an extension off of the 2013 Levucell SC “Elephant in the Rumen” concept. We introduced our spokes elephant – aptly named Sara – as a new voice urging dairy producers to consider new ways to limit SARA in their dairy herds.

The Sara The Elephant campaign included a new website – SaraTheElephant.com – a series of voice recordings from Sara herself, and a text club program for users to connect with Sara and hear her advice.

The Sara The Elephant campaign won 1st Place in the 2015 Badger Region NAMA Awards for Less-Than-Page Ads.

Project Details

Lallemand Animal Nutrition
September, 2015

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